Walking with Christ into Kingdom Light

February 2023

Walking with Christ through the Wilderness
Ash Wednesday Meditation

January 2023

“Nativity with Cow,”©2021 Barbara Bjelland, pencil on paper “Epiphany” is from a Greek word that means “manifestation,” “coming,” or “appearing…

December 2022

And what do we do while we wait?

August 2022

Are there things going on around the world or in your own life, that give you cause for concern? Whatever the situation, it is good to know that Jesus…

June 2022

Is anyone out there both nostalgic and future goal-oriented, a #4 on the Enneagram like me? Sometimes I focus on the past and future so much, that I…

May 2022

The God who suffers with us and for us

April 2022

The dead tree is part of a groaning Creation. Ever wonder what Jesus did on the Wednesday of Holy Week? He taught about the end times. Here is Matthew’s…
In John 11, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. As a result, many more people followed Jesus, and that upset the Jewish leaders. They didn’t believe…
A Responsive Reading for Lent by Rev. Barbara Sartorius Bjelland

March 2022

During these uncertain days around the world, it is certain that one thing we can do is pray. The Holy Spirit helps us pray with sighs and groans within…